Yom Sheini, 8 Iyyar 5778

As you can see from these few photos, the two builidings we occupy as our synagogue are nothing fancy, but they are filled with life, laughter and love.  Our bigger building is used by a Montessori School morning program during the school year owned by one of our congregants.  Our smaller building is used as our sanctuary for most services, except for the High Holidays.  In 2011, members gathered during Sundays in the summer and created 4 large art pieces.  They are collages made from years of memorabilia collecting:  news clippings, photos, programs, cards and assorted Judaica.


one of our collages in big building

Our sanctuary doesn't have a grand bima, a wonderful ark filled with many Torah scrolls, beautiful stained glass or filigreed decorations of precious metals.  But it is filled with caring, fellowship and love of learning.


part of our library

our small sanctuary with ark made by one of our members thirty years ago

Wall with Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques

Ten Minutes of Torah

Torah Commentary